From 1971, the art of flesh.

Lem Carni was founded in 1971 by a brilliant idea of Giambattista Lama. The Territory of Dozza is immersed in a place with a long culinary tradition and since the Middle Age, this area has always offered high-quality food, thanks to the old experience of its local breeders and growers.

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Lem Carni Dozza imola Bologna

Lem Carni comes from the green heart of Italy.

The origin of Dozza dates back to an ancient age as it was inhabited for the first time during the Bronze Age. Its Latin name Ducia (shower) derives from the Middle Age, indicating a channel used for the water collection. Although during the WWII the 70% of this area was destroyed by bombing. Today Dozza is considered as one of the most beautiful Italian villages, thanks to the charming old town, full of artistic murals and paintings realized by several Italian and international famous artists. For this reason, Dozza has the peculiar feature of being an authentic open-air art gallery. Furthermore, within the old Sforza Castle, there is the Regional Wine house of Emilia Romagna, where more than 1000 regional labels are shown. Dozza is located in the beating heart of Italy, where culinary art meets tradition.


From a door-to-door sale with only a bike to a worldwide exportation of Wagyulem meat!

When I was 14, I started as apprentice in a small shop. Using my bicycle, I delivered cutlets and boiled meat to my little town, crossing the streets of the Italian peninsula, still poor, but desirable to grow and improve. Despite the doubts of my parents, when I was 17 years old I opened my first butcher shop and nowadays I am the President of the Lem Carni spa, one of the most important companies which provides the Italian top restaurants, through exclusive “Wagyulem” farms and those of Chianina, Romagnola and Marchigiana. Now as then, I spend my time in the company with same enthusiasm, to select personally the chiefs, aiming to seek always the highest quality and requiring it from all my co-workers, because only in this way we can offer a top-quality product to our customers.

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Allevamenti Lem Carni

Maximum attention for animal wellness.

Lem Carni owns farms of “Wagyulem”, Chianina, Romagnola, Marchigiana and Buffalo located in Emilia Romagna. The farms are placed in areas with abundant green pastures that allow seasonal grazing outdoors. Lem Carni spa has always paid attention to animal wellness and since 2002 we collaborate with the Department of Veterinary of Medical Sciences from the University of Bologna and it follows the best feeding for our animals.


The art of working meat.

Our butchers are all selected professionals of this Industry, in particular, they specialize in the production and details section, in this way we can satisfied all requests of more than 5000 restaurants. Clients order are prepared with the best care in order to satisfy every kind of request.

Lem Carni Artigiani Qualita


Lem Carni Azienda Pascolo

The great selection of Lem carni.

We select the best breeds from all over the world since 1971. Our company cooperates with the best slaughterhouse and through our experience we run the whole chain, which allows us to choose the best cut for every client. This way of acting has always been synonymous of top quality products.


Quality first.

The adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, has a great nutritional importance and increases the quality product. This element is a good detector of health and nutritional status of each animal. A good quality meat must be always accompanied by a certain quantity of fat. The marble meat is made up of a dense network of intramuscular veins, in which the fat is widely distributed throughout the muscle rather than just around it, rendering it soft and edible. These veins of fat give the meat its marbled appearance, as well as its unique tenderness and one-of-a- kind taste. According to physical features, the “National Institute of Animal Industry” has established the parameters for the standardization of meat and we specify the various degrees in the pictures below.

Lem Carni Marmorizzazione


New solutions for every restaurants.

Every day Lem Carni chefs test innovative ways to cook traditional dishes. Our first aim is to offer alternatives to bring new solutions to the table. The continuous search for new products is one of our strength, because here tradition and innovation go together.

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